Monday, December 22, 2008

Recipe Collections Index

Here is an alphabetical listing of the collections of microwave and convection microwave recipes you will find on this blog.

Breads and Pastries
The advantages of convection microwave cookery are boundless, and particularly welcome to modern cooks who love old-fashioned foods but can't cope with time-consuming methods. Now you can bake breads, buns, tarts, pies and pastries ..... MORE

Cakes, Cookies and Slices
Busy people today have less time for cooking but still crave the flavors and textures of old-fashioned cakes, cookies and other Baking Day delights. However, with modern microwave methods, these nostalgic favorites can be produced in ..... MORE

Chicken, Turkey and Duck
Chicken, turkey and duck are among the most popular meats for family meals and dinner parties. Microwave cooking produces tender, succulent poultry and these recipes cover a wide spectrum of imaginative ideas for chicken, turkey and ..... MORE

Cooking for Two
Many households in the world today consist of just two people, but most recipe books and magazines cater for cooking serving sizes of four or more. Many people feel unsure about adjusting the recipes to suit their particular needs, and so ..... MORE

Creative Casseroles
The casserole is a very versatile dish that you can really be creative with. The combinations of meat, vegetables, herbs and spices are almost endless. Casseroles are also good for stretching your food dollar further. The slow cooking means that you ..... MORE

Delicious Desserts
With a microwave or convection microwave oven at hand you can now produce a luscious dessert in minutes! If guests arrive unexpectedly or the family suddenly requests a favorite sweet for dinner at the last minute, it is no trouble at all. Fruity or ..... MORE

One of the greatest pleasures in life is to sit around a table with family and friends enjoying a delightful meal, because good food and good company are perfect partners. The recipes in this entertaining section are for entrees, main courses and desserts ..... MORE

Fish and Seafood
Cooking fish and shellfish, fresh or canned, in a microwave oven opens up a whole new prospect of seafood cuisine. Apart from the speed with which you can bring any of these deliciously fishy dishes from kitchen to table, you will discover how their fresh ..... MORE

Ground Beef
In these hard economic times, we are all looking for ways to stretch the family food budget and using ground beef is one of the best ways to achieve this. Ground beef is such a versatile food and can be used in a wide range of cuisines from Italian to Thai. Using these ..... MORE

Healthy and Nutritious
If you think that eating a healthy nutritious diet means lots of boring, tasteless meals, then think again. Fresh, crisp fruit and vegetables, delicious breads and pasta, succulent lean meat and seafood - these are the makings of not only delicious meals, but ..... MORE

Where food is concerned, people in most developed nations can now claim to be living in the 'Lucky Country' because of the wide variety of cuisines from which they can choose. Their shops are full of wonderful ingredients such as continental cheeses and ..... MORE

Low Cholesterol
Nutritionists say that we should be reducing the amount of cholesterol in our diet, but many people feel that this leads to dull, tasteless food. These recipes prove that you can enjoy great-tasting meals that are also low in ..... MORE

Fast defrosting and rapid cooking are only two of the advantages of your microwave oven. Meats and main dishes respond particularly well, by remaining juicy and retaining their flavors and textures. Roasts, casseroles and less-tender cuts are ..... MORE

Quick and Easy Meals
No time to cook family meals? With these recipes you have. They are so quick and easy, you will have plenty of time to prepare them, even on your busiest days. I have also included some teatime or after-school treats such as gingerbread and ..... MORE

Rice and Pasta
Rice and pasta are two of the most versatile ingredients you can have in your pantry or store cupboard. Used as an accompaniment or as a main meal, you can combine them with a wide variety of foods such as fresh vegetables, meats, seafood or ..... MORE

Soups, Entrees and Appetizers
Take your choice from these exciting, top-of-the-menu ideas for successful entertaining or special family meals. Microwaving makes them effortless events from start to finish. Begin with a flavorsome creamy or clear soup from this collection of ..... MORE

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